New and updated Revit library from IntraSpace on

New & Updated Revit Library from
IntraSpace on

IntraSpace continues its partnership in Revit library development and BIM Content Marketing with IGS Group and, with the addition of Medical Storage Revit library from the IntraMed range to the IntraSpace Revit Library.

Introducing the highly sought-after IntraMed Wall Mounted Pharmacy Revit library. Revit families within the IntraMed Revit library demonstrate the versatile project solution which can be provided in both Full Height and Above Bench variations, offering 7/8 Shelves or 3/4 Shelves respectively. IntraSpace has also added Revit families for the IntraMed Clinical UnderBench Cabinets with wire baskets. Revit families within this Revit library incorporate three different types, accommodating 3 or 4 baskets per cabinet. With various width options available, Revit families for these cabinets provide flexible storage solutions tailored to your project needs. Streamline the design and documentation of your healthcare Revit projects with IntraSpace’s Revit library for medical storage solutions.

About the IntraSpace Revit Library

The extensive IntraSpace Revit library has been updated to incorporate Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials into all new and existing Revit families. By adhering to industry standards, PBR materials ensure consistency across different platforms and software applications, including Revit and Enscape. With properties like albedo, roughness, and metalness, designers have full control over the material appearance, allowing for more accurate visual representation and higher-quality renders.

All Revit families in the IntraSpace Revit library have been developed in line with industry-best quality standards. Available in Revit versions 2019-2023, all new Revit families have been added to the pre-configured Revit ‘Virtual Showroom’, to efficiently download and browse the whole Revit familiy library, and to perform important QA checks of key Revit family quality aspects such as data consistency, LOD settings, and documentation output. IntraSpace Revit families can also be download in a ‘Collection’, or as individual Revit families.

“High-quality Revit families for Commercial Furniture and Healthcare Project solutions continues to be one of the most requested forms of Revit content from Architects and Interior Designers, so we’re thrilled to have created this Revit library for IntraSpace and to have it on One of the reasons for this demand is the highly configurable nature of products like storage solutions, shelving, lockers and modular furniture, which means the Revit families ideally need to be highly parametric and accurately representative of the products being procured. Developing Revit libraries like this can be extremely time-consuming and technically quite challenging, so designers are greatly appreciative when manufacturers provide them quality Revit libraries that helps them spend more time designing their projects and less time modelling Revit families. The IntraSpace Revit library is exactly the kind of Revit content we know a lot of designers are looking for.”

Luke Johnston
Managing Director at IGS Group

About IntraSpace

IntraSpace is dedicated to providing effective and efficient storage and office furniture solutions for libraries, schools, universities, healthcare and corporate offices.

Using modular concepts throughout our range enables IntraSpace to offer concepts that best use your space, enhance your work space, and provides the flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

With products like IntraMed Clinical Storage and Filestor Shelving, IntraSpace can meet the challenges found in most medical, educational, corporate and government facilities. Add library furniture and fit-outs to this and IntraSpace is able to meet all your office storage requirements.

As a market leader, IntraSpace recognise the growing trend of Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows being used in project design and the increasing demand from specifiers for project-ready, data-rich BIM content from product suppliers.

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