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ASI Group continues its partnership in BIM content development and BIM Content Library Hosting with IGS Group and with the addition of new ranges to the ASI Revit library.

Updates to ASI’s BIM content library includes:

  • BIM content for ASI’s Integrated Privacy™ system for metal partitions: ASI’s partitions are engineered with built-in privacy and manufactured as one colour-matched unit. The result is superior aesthetics and complete privacy without the need for any retrofitted components.
  • 19 new washroom accessories Revit families: additional towel drying rod BIM content, mirror BIM content, toilet tissue dispenser BIM content and BIM content for ASI’s new no-touch soap and hand sanitiser dispenser.
  • Revit families for Washroom Accessories, that come in a matte black finish, have been updated to provide this material option. Products with Revit families that include a matte black finish option include the horizontal baby change stationdouble toilet tissue dispenser and rectangular towel ring.

About the ASI Group BIM Content Library

Available to download in Revit 2019 and all subsequent versions, included in ASI’s BIM content library is an all-in-one Revit ‘Virtual Showroom’ for efficient Revit library download, browsing, and QA. ASI’s updated Revit content library can be downloaded as individual Revit families or as ‘Collections.’ Updated Revit families have also been added to ASI Group’s ‘Virtual Showroom’ and ‘Complete Library’ downloads.

All Revit families within ASI Accurate PartitionsASI Global PartitionsASI Storage Solutions and ASI Washroom Accessories BIM content downloads have been updated to incorporate Advanced (PBR) materials. PBR materials help provide a more photo-realistic render or real-time rendering experience. Ensuring ease of use, documentation output, visualisation quality and performance in a Revit project environment.

“We’re thrilled ASI chose IGS Group as their BIM content creation partner and we’re elated to have what is truly a best-in-class BIM content library available on As such a wide variety of washroom accessories are required for commercial projects, and they can be quite time-consuming to create as BIM objects, we are certain designers will see significant value in having access to this extensive ‘project-ready’ resource of free BIM content for washroom accessories thanks to ASI.”

Luke Johnston
Managing Director at IGS Group

About ASI Group

With operating units and offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Mexico, and China, and with sales in more than 50 countries, the ASI Group has expanded its ability to serve Architects, Building Owners, and Contractors all over the world.

The ASI group is known for innovative products, speed to market, and the widest offering of material and products in Washroom Accessories, Toilet Partitions, Lockers and Storage Devices, and Visual Display Products.

As a market leader with close ties to industry-leading designers, ASI Group recognise the growing trend of Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows being used in project design and the increasing demand from specifiers for project-ready, data-rich BIM content from product suppliers.

About BIM content library hosting and BIM model creators, and IGS Group and their BIM content creation services, allows building designers and building product manufacturers to collaborate through the sharing of digital product data in the form of quality-controlled Revit and Archicad libraries. Developed by industry-leading BIM family creation specialists IGS Group, optimises the process of designers accessing free, quality-assured BIM content for their projects, and provides a range of sales and BIM content marketing opportunities for manufacturers seeking to grow both their brand and specification-driven sales.
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