Just another
BIM content site?

The concept of aggregating manufacturer BIM content onto a single platform isn’t new. There are many online repositories that make various forms of manufacturer BIM / CAD / 3D content available to designers. Each has their own objectives, feature set and market focus.

The overarching objectives and functionality of BIMcontent.com is the result of our IGS Group team members having previously worked as BIM Managers, Architects and Engineers, and our ongoing strategic alliances with many of the world’s most prominent AECO firms.

Quality Aspect: Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity

We work hard to ensure all BIM content on the platform conforms to our Quality Standards. We want to be ‘predictable’… in a good way. We won't be promoting the BIM content of manufacturers that don’t share our commitment to quality.

Quality Aspect: Intuitive and easy to use

Intuitive and easy to use

Whether it be searching for a specific brand, product type, content format, Revit asset type, parameter value, or a particular software version, we want specifiers to be able to find and download what they need as quickly and easily as possible.

Quality Aspect: Breadth of choice

Breadth of choice

We want to provide a platform that makes BIM content available for an extensive range of product categories and multiple brands within those categories designers can use in their projects.

Quality Aspect: Exception to the rule

Exception to the rule

Given the potential liability and time required to check every aspect of every model due to inconsistencies of content from third parties, many BIM Managers have advised their design teams not to download manufacturer BIM content. Our aim is to be an exception to that rule.

Quality Aspect: Do no harm

Do no harm

We're committed to 'doing the right thing'. We won't pass on your personal data to third parties, or spam you with irrelevant updates. We'll aim to keep you informed on things you'll be interested in, but whether you engage directly with manufacturers or our team is totally up to you.

We do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

New BIM content that passes our QA checks and aligns with our BIM Content Quality Standards is frequently being added to BIMcontent.com… and it’s all 100% free. Register now to access all the great project design resources and keep up to date on new platform developments.

Image warning about typical manufacturer BIM content quality

Let's face facts...

Despite a lot of best intentions, a large portion of manufacturer BIM content is less than ideal to use in ‘real-world’ projects. More discerning designers and BIM specialists would say “absolute rubbish” or “completely useless”. And we totally agree.

The premise of manufacturer BIM content is it saves designers time, improves project outputs and streamlines workflows. But in reality, a lot of manufacturer BIM content does exactly the opposite. It’s often more of a liability than an asset.

Over-modelled. Over-complicated. Overloaded with data. Imported CAD. Missing key data. Incorrectly classified. Incessant warnings. Constantly breaking. Full of unpurged junk. Inconceivable ‘behaviour’… the list goes on.

And then there’s the issue of accessing it. “Send us an email”. “Register/Login” (and get added to another mailing list). Hidden in a tab called “Drawings” or under a strange title like “CAD Families” or “Rivet Files”… Yikes.

The 'basics done well'.

The aim of BIMcontent.com is not to ‘revolutionise’ or ‘disrupt the building industry’. Our aim is simply to give designers what they’ve been asking for… manufacturer BIM content that actually helps, not cause issues.

With that said, we acknowledge and understand that:


The workflows and protocols associated with accessing and using manufacturer BIM content differs from one firm to another.


Opinions on how BIM content should be created differs from one practice to another and the degree to which our BIM Content Standard aligns with each firm’s preferences will vary.


Our BIM Content Quality Standards may conflict with the standards employed by other BIM content and data platforms, ‘industry initiatives’ and regional ‘BIM standards’. It’s a veritable jungle out there

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