Just another
BIM Content Plug-In?

Accessing high-quality Revit® content has never been easier. Whether you’re an Architect, Engineer or Interior Designer seeking to streamline your design process, or a BIM Manager looking to empower your design team with access to a growing library of ‘project-ready’ content that can be trusted and won’t compromise the integrity of your project models, the BIMcontent.com Revit® Plug-in is a true game-changer.

With seamless integration into Revit®, the BIMcontent.com Revit® Plug-in offers unparalleled convenience and performance in accessing and utilising quality-controlled Revit® content for industry-leading Building Product brands.

  • • 100% FREE to use. Development is funded by featured Product Manufacturers.
  • • Created and maintained by BIM Content Specialists, IGS BIM Solutions.
  • • Direct access to a continually growing library. New brands and categories added regularly.
  • • Quality-controlled, ‘project-ready’ content only. NOT over-detailed, ‘entourage’ models.
  • • Fast and intuitive content search methods with an aesthetic user interface.
  • • User privacy considered. User names and contact details are NOT passed onto third parties.

Direct Access

Options to Direct Place, Insert, Open or Paint from the Plug-in or BIMcontent.com Website. Remembers preferences and context-aware so Materials will activate the Paint tool, and Showrooms will Open.


Intuitive and easy to use

Revit® version-aware to avoid file updating. Works with multiple sessions of Revit®, even over remote desktop!


No more missing textures!

With Complete Material Image/Texture management, relevant images are downloaded as content is used. For other team members the ‘Get Material Images’ button finds any images missing from BIMcontent.com materials.


Compact when you need it

With Rollup and Always On Top modes, the UI can be open and available when you need it.


Enhanced Selection

Enhanced Type Catalog selector provides quick search and multiple select for families that use a Type Catalog.

Get direct access to High Quality content inside Revit®.

Watch the Overview video below or Download now to access all the great project design resources from within Revit®.