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Who's behind BIMcontent.com?

IGS Group (AKA IGS BIM Solutions) has provided BIM content services since 2009, specialising in Revit content creation.

Collectively, the IGS team has a wealth of experience working in BIM/ Design Technology roles in top-tier commercial Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms, as project Architects and Engineers, and in Sales, Marketing and Commercial Strategy roles in Product Manufacturing companies.

In addition to creating BIM content for over 100 product manufacturers globally, IGS has worked directly with numerous Architecture and Engineering firms, providing BIM content creation, management and strategy services.

IGS is acutely aware of the challenges for design firms using manufacturer BIM content. Equally, we know the value of manufacturer BIM content when it's built consistently and in a way that's suitable for design firms to use in their projects.

Why did we build this site?

The genesis for creating BIMcontent.com was based on two things…

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For designers.

Designers were frequently asking IGS to create a single platform where they could freely and efficiently access the BIM content IGS was creating for manufacturers, knowing it was reliably developed to a consistent, high-quality standard.
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For manufacturers.

Manufacturers were frequently asking IGS how we could make their BIM content accessible to our extensive network of contacts working in Architecture, Engineering and Contracting firms and for assistance with hosting their BIM content on their own websites.

Quality over quantity.

BIMcontent.com is our contribution to the construction industry having free, easy access to an extensive collection of highly curated manufacturer BIM content.

BIMcontent.com is a valuable resource for both designers and manufacturers.

We wanted to create a platform where we were in total (uncompromised) control of the BIM content being hosted.

Our commitment to ensuring all BIM content on this platform is created to a consistent, high-quality standard, is something we feel key to maximising trust with BIM Managers and designers, and in turn providing maximum value to manufacturers.