Quality Standards

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Being predictable is sometimes a good thing…

Not to be referred to or confused with ‘BIM Standards’ in the broader sense or ‘Industry Standards’ (we’re not going near that one with a 10 foot BIM pole…), the Quality Standards published and in use on the BIMcontent.com platform are to be considered simply a reference for native BIM content / BIM object / BIM component development methodologies in the widely utilised BIM design tools, Revit and Archicad.

A hallmark of BIMcontent.com is the commitment to quality, and consistent creation methodologies of all content on the platform. This ensures designers can have a high degree of trust in accessing the content and subsequently using it in projects. Understanding that design firms may have their own well-implemented content standards in place that vary with certain aspects of BIMcontent.com quality standards, by having consistency across the Revit and Archicad content on BIMcontent.com, BIM / Library / Model Managers and Designers wishing to modify content accessed from BIMcontent.com to align with firm/project-based standards can be confident that these same modifications (only) will be required each time.

Alternatively, or in conjunction with this approach, firms may wish to align certain aspects their content standard to that of the BIMcontent.com standard in order to streamline the process of integrating content sourced from BIMcontent.com into firm-based libraries or projects.

Along similar lines, by making our BIM content quality standards publicly available, manufacturers wishing to host their BIM content on BIMcontent.com have a clear reference for the minimum quality requirements that must be adhered to in order to make their content available to users of the platform.

We look forward to publishing our other format Quality Standards soon.