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Laminex continues its partnership in BIM content development and BIM Content Marketing with IGS Group and with the addition of the highly requested and frequently specified Laminex Colour Collection, available in both Revit and Archicad formats.

About the Laminex BIM Content Library

Created by Building Information Modelling (BIM) content creation specialists at IGS Group (IGS BIM Solutions), the Laminex Colour Collection Revit library has been developed using Physically Based Rendering (PBR) Materials to provide accurate visual appearances of Laminex products. By adhering to industry standards, PBR materials ensure consistency across different platforms and software applications, such as Revit and Enscape.

Laminex Revit content includes key identification data for each product to help streamline scheduling and documentation workflows, whilst accessing additional information is seamless with direct links to corresponding pages on the Laminex website being embedded within the Revit content. This way, designers can access additional details, browse related collections, and find the perfect match for project specifications.

Available in Revit versions 2019-2023, Laminex Colour Collection Revit content can be downloaded as individual Revit families, as ‘Collections’ grouped by the 4 core palettes available, as part of the Laminex ‘All-in-one Revit Virtual Showroom’ file (.RVT Revit project file), or opt for the convenient bulk ‘Download All’ option.

For Archicad users, the Laminex BIM content library hosted on also includes a high-quality native Archicad library to assist with project design, documentation and specification for projects in Archicad.

“IGS is delighted to have partnered with Laminex creating this multi-format BIM library and to have it available to the design community via the platform. With the library being available in Revit, Archicad and AutoCAD, and with Laminex products being specified so frequently, the volume of library utilisation is such that it will inevitably contribute significant commercial value to both a large number of project stakeholders and the industry as a whole. IGS is excited to continue developing the BIM library and collaborating with Laminex on evolving their digital innovation and BIM strategy in the future.”

Luke Johnston – Managing Director at IGS Group

Inspired globally and designed for the Australian lifestyle, the new Laminex Colour Collection is a cohesive colour and product range that reflects a movement towards design that connects with our natural environment. Expect beautiful timber grain laminates with true realism, muted organic colours, urban influences and dramatic finishes.

This addition to Laminex’s Revit content libraries brings a world of possibilities to Building Product Manufacturers’ designs, allowing you to explore a vast range of colours and textures that perfectly complement your project.

About Laminex

In a small tin shed in suburban Melbourne over 80 years ago, Bob Sykes began creating decorative laminates. Over the years, the product range has expanded to include engineered stone, modern laminates, acrylic surfaces, timber panelling products and more. Laminex has grown up a lot since 1934, but their original intention has never changed – they believe that every Australian deserves great quality products, and great quality design.

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