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Knotwood has partnered with Australia’s leading BIM Content specialists IGS BIM Solutions to develop an extensive Revit and AutoCAD library which is free for designers to download from the Knotwood website and via the platform, streamlining and maximising access to Architects and Building Design Professionals.

In this article, we’d like to share our Journey with Knotwood, the product ranges we’re excited to be able to share BIM content for, and why you might want to take a look.

Let’s get into it.

Knotwood BIM content library featuring timber & aluminum cladding bim content.

About Knotwood & BIM Content

Knotwood are innovators in the cladding space – their mission is to combine the aesthetic appeal of woodgrain with the capabilities of aluminum, resulting in an amazing range of cladding & other products that we at IGS Group and are happy to help share with the design community. Due to popular demand & increasing requirements for BIM, the company decided to take the next step in their mission to supply the Australian community with their top-shelf product ranges; resulting in the Knotwood BIM Content Library.

When considering what needed to be included, we took a look at Knotwood’s product ranges. They produce and distribute the following:

  • Facades
  • Garage Doors
  • Cladding
  • Soffits & Ceilings
  • Screens & Enclosures
  • Fencing Gates & Doors
  • Balustrades
  • Decking
  • Interiors
  • Outdoor Covers

From thorough collaboration came the Knotwood BIM content library, developed using our rigorous standards to represent the best of these product ranges and to give Knotwood an asset to compete in a competitive market – one that’s demanding BIM content more and more each day.

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About the Knotwood BIM Content Library

A Project-Ready BIM Library

The Knotwood Revit library is ‘project-ready’ and developed according to industry best practices.

All families are created with attention to detail in areas such as Family and Shared Parameters, 2D linework, Origin Points, Family/Type Naming, Product Data Integration, Reference Planes, application of Materials, Classification, and File Size.

In addition to Revit families, the Knotwood Revit library also includes a ‘Virtual Showroom’ (.RVT), loaded with all Families, Family Types and native Revit 2D Construction Details. This Project File provides designers with an efficient way to download and browse the Revit library in its entirety, and to view how the families document and schedule consistently in a Revit project environment.

Features & Hosting

Amongst others, one notable feature of the Knotwood library is that the library features a face-based mounting track family that can be parametrically adjusted to be directly fixed or suspended as well as height, width, length, number of supports.

The library is also available to download either as individual Revit families, as ‘Collections’ (by Product Range and Revit Version), as a ‘Virtual Showroom’ or as a bulk ‘Download All’ option in Revit 2020 and all subsequent versions. 2D Construction Details can also be download as 2D CAD blocks and in PDF format.

To ensure designers can access the library using workflows optimised for browsing and downloading BIM content, Knotwood is utilising IGS Group’s fast-growing BIM Content hosting platform, In implementing the website integration feature of, Knotwood has ensured designers are able to experience the same optimised search, preview and download workflows on both the Knotwood website and

This includes the ability to preview the 3D Revit geometry in the web browser, preview 2D Construction Details, view family parameter data, download specific versions of Revit content, and choose the type of Revit content download – Individual Revit Families, Product Range and Revit Format-based ‘Collections’ , Revit Project File (AKA, ‘Virtual Showroom’) or even a one-click ‘Download All’ option – catering to various user preferences.

You can find a link to the library here.

Slideshow of the Revit families available in the Knotwood BIM content library

What Was It Like Working on Knotwood’s BIM Library?

IGS is thrilled to have developed this fantastic Revit library for Knotwood, and to have it available to the fast-growing community of designers using the free platform.

The inclusion of various Revit asset types used throughout the design and documentation process, including highly intuitive 3D content, ensures designers can save a substantial amount of time in delivering their projects when specifying Knotwood products.

IGS is excited to continue collaborating with Knotwood and evolving this extensive resource in the future.”

Luke Johnston, Managing Director at IGS Group

F. A. Q.s

What products were considered for representation in the Knotwood BIM Content Library?

All of Knotwood’s vast product range, including facades, garage doors, cladding, soffits & ceilings, screens & enclosures, fencing gates & doors, balustrades, decking, interiors, and outdoor covers.

How can designers benefit from using the Knotwood BIM Content Library?

Designers can save time in project delivery by specifying Knotwood products through the library, which includes project-ready Revit families and a virtual showroom for efficient browsing and integration into Revit projects.

Where can the Knotwood BIM Content Library be accessed?

The library is available for free download directly via, offering various download options like individual Revit families, collections by product range and Revit version, and a bulk download option.

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