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CASF has partnered with Australia’s leading BIM Content specialists IGS BIM Solutions to develop an extensive Revit library for the Corian® Solid Surface Product Range. The Corian® Revit Library is free for designers to download from the Corian® website and via the platform, streamlining and maximising access to Architects and Building Design Professionals.

In this article, we’d like to share our journey with CASF, the Corian® product ranges we’re excited to be able to share BIM content for, and what went into designing the Corian® Revit library.

Let’s get into it.

A screenshot of the CASF Corian BIM Content Revit Library featuring Basins, Washplanes and more.

About CASF, Corian® Solid Surface & BIM Content

CASF offer – as they put it – ‘unique, sustainable product solutions that work’. Renowned for their superior surface solutions, CASF infuse each product in their flagship Corian® range with a signature touch. Their creations not only embody the stylistic preferences of homeowners but also ensure optimal performance. We at IGS Group and couldn’t be more pleased to assist in making these products accessible to the broader design community through the Corian® Revit Library.

In response to heightened interest and the essential integration of BIM into product manufacturing and marketing, CASF has broadened their commitment to equip the Australian sector with their distinguished collections via the CASF Corian® Solid Surface BIM Content Library.

We understood the foundation of their product range to be their Solid Surface materials – the building block for each of their expertly crafted products – washplanes, basins, vanity tops, sinks and the like. The Corian® product ranges are expertly designed and produced – and we wanted to uphold that standard throughout the Corian® Revit Library.

From thorough collaboration came the Corian® Revit Library, developed using our rigorous standards to represent the best of these product ranges and to give Corian® an asset to compete in a competitive market – one that’s demanding BIM content more and more each day.

The announcement image for the CASF Corian Revit Library by and IGS Group

About The Corian® Solid Surface Revit Library

CASF has partnered with Australia’s leading BIM Content specialists IGS BIM Solutions to develop an extensive Revit library which is free for designers to download from the Corian® website and via

Intended to be easy to use and ‘project ready’, the Corian® Revit library has been meticulously developed according to industry best practices. All Corian® Revit families are created with attention to detail in areas such as Family and Shared Parameters, Level of Detail settings, 2D linework, Origin Points, Family/Type Naming, Product Data Integration, Reference Planes, application of Materials, Classification, and File Size. In addition to Revit families, the Corian® Revit library also includes a ‘Virtual Showroom’ (.RVT), loaded with all Families and Family Types.

The Project File provides designers with an efficient way to download and browse the Revit library in its entirety, and to view how the families document and schedule consistently in a Revit project environment. The library is available to download in multiple versions of Revit (2020-24).

Accessing the Corian® Solid Surface Revit Library

To ensure designers can access the library using workflows optimised for browsing and downloading BIM content, CASF are utilising IGS group’s fast-growing BIM Content hosting, distribution and marketing platform, In implementing the website integration feature of, CASF have ensured designers are able to experience the same optimised search, preview and download workflows on both the Corian® website and

This includes the ability to preview the 3D Revit geometry and Materials in the web browser, view parameter data, download specific versions of Revit content, and choose the type of Revit content download – Individual Revit Families, Product Ranges and Revit Format-based ‘Collections’ , Revit Project File (AKA, ‘Virtual Showroom’) or even a one-click ‘Download All’ option – catering to various user preferences.

To browse and start downloading, visit the Corian® Website or

CASF Corian Revit Library Product Families Available

What Was It Like Working With CASF?

We are delighted to partner with CASF in developing this fantastic resource of quality Revit content for Corian®, a brand synonymous with innovation and versatility in surfacing materials.

CASF’s commitment to offering sustainable and unique product solutions aligns perfectly with our goals at IGS Group. We’re confident designers will greatly benefit from this extensive library of ‘project-ready’ assets, enabling them to bring their creative visions to life and deliver their projects efficiently.”

Luke Johnston, Managing Director at IGS Group

F. A. Q.s

What is included in the Corian® Solid Surface Revit Library?

The Corian® Solid Surface Revit Library, developed by IGS BIM Solutions, includes a variety of BIM content for architectural design. It features Revit families for Corian® products and materials, a Virtual Showroom for easy project integration, and various tools for effective data management within Revit software.

How can designers access the Corian® Solid Surface Revit Library?

Designers can access the Corian® Solid Surface Revit Library for free either through the Corian® website or the platform. The library offers tools like 3D previews, detailed parameter data, and options for downloading individual Revit families or entire product ranges.

Why is the Corian® Solid Surface Revit Library significant for designers?

This library provides designers with high-quality, ready-to-use BIM content that enhances the efficiency of designing and executing architectural projects. By incorporating standardized and detailed Revit families, the library helps ensure consistent documentation and scheduling, which is crucial for project accuracy and reliability.

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