Manufacturer Spotlight: Danpal

Danpal, a leading manufacturer of translucent and transparent daylight systems announces partnership with IGS to provide high-quality Revit content via the platform, streamlining and maximising access to Architects and Building Designers.

Responding to industry trends and customer demand, Danpal partnered with IGS to create a high-quality Revit (BIM) content library and to develop an effective specifier engagement strategy. The library currently includes various Revit asset types, including range-specific Virtual Showrooms (Revit Project Files), Basic Walls & Roof System Families, and Drafting Views available via and the Danpal website.


Compatible with specially designed proprietary framing, Danpal polycarbonate systems are strong yet lightweight, impact-resistant, able to achieve large spans, watertight, environmentally friendly and offer superior thermal insulation. The entire assembly uses no caulking or adhesives, eliminating the difficulties of sealant and adhesive bond failure common to traditional systems, resulting in longer system life.

Danpal believes that architects and designers play a crucial role in contributing to overall wellbeing, comfort and environmental aesthetics – hence wanting to equip them with the right tools to do just that. Their continuous support of architects and designers in their creative journey has motivated them to partner with IGS and invest in creating high-quality BIM content. Danpal is committed to streamlining documentation processes and outcomes – increasing efficiency in working with architects and designers.

With the conception of by IGS, Danpal joined as a foundation partner to provide greater access of their Revit library to the growing community of specifiers using the platform, and to utilise the website integration feature which ensures cross-platform consistency and optimal user experience when accessing the Revit content from the Danpal website and

About the Danpal Library

The Danpal Revit library has been developed to provide project designers with the tools they need to design their projects more intuitively and efficiently when incorporating Danpal products.

Of particular note with the Danpal Revit library are the various Revit asset types included in the library, which ensures designers can create multiple types of project documentation and 3D outputs more efficiently, accurately and intuitively. The Danpal Revit library includes walling systems as both basic walls and curtain walls, roofing systems as both basic roofs and sloped glazing, as well as drafting views containing detail items for repeating elements. Also included is a Revit project file (.RVT) or ‘Virtual Showroom’, pre-loaded with Danpal Revit content. This project file provides designers with an efficient way to browse the Revit library in its entirety in the Revit project environment and view how the content documents and schedules are consistent.

To ensure designers can access the library using workflows optimised for browsing and downloading BIM content, Danpal is utilising IGS group’s BIM Content hosting platform and project design resource, In implementing’s website integration feature, Danpal has ensured designers can experience the same optimised search, preview and download workflows on both the Danpal website and This includes the ability to preview the 3D Revit geometry directly in the web browser, view parameter data, download specific versions of Revit content, and choose the type of Revit content download – Individual Revit Families, Revit version-based ‘Collections’, Revit Project File (AKA, ‘Virtual Showroom’) and even a one-click ‘Download All’ option – catering to various user preferences.

Check out the Danpal library here:

At Danpal we have a deep awareness of the challenges that our clients face. To help them in the value engineering and critical thinking process, our increased integration with Revit promotes creativity and innovation by simplifying documentation procedures

Greg Harkin, CEO of Danpal

Product manufacturers like Danpal that are making their BIM content available via the platform are ensuring they are reaching a substantial specifier audience with their BIM content, and providing specifiers with an intuitive, efficient user experience when accessing their BIM assets from their own company website, which specifiers greatly appreciate.

Luke Johnston, Managing Director at IGS Group

Partnership Outcomes

Of the business impacts resulting from their BIM strategy to date, Danpal has observed a range of benefits including their BIM content being used by specifiers to design their projects, improved specifier engagement processes and the generation of significant goodwill among specifiers who are greatly appreciative of Danpal’s investment in providing them with critical project design and documentation assets.

IGS has also received great feedback on several occasions from designers using the content in their projects and has remarked on the value of having access to various Revit asset types that can be used to generate project deliverables at different stages of the project.

About Danpal

Danpal manufactures, designs and markets high quality translucent and transparent daylighting systems for façades, roofing, skylights, interior applications, solar shading and opaque cladding. Since its origin, Danpal has strived to shake up architectural codes, support avant-garde projects and achieve feats of technical mastery. 50 years later, modern environmental and societal conventions, heightened creativity and emerging innovations have only intensified this desire. Learn more about Danpal at

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