MMKembla-KemPress Stainless Fittings Virtual Showroom

KemPress® Stainless Steel (316L) Press-Fit Connection System for Potable/Process/Utility Water (SWP up to 40 bar), Compressed Air, Solar, Fuel/Flammable Gas, and Industrial applications, are Watermark licensed, fully compliant to AS3688 and AS4020, and equipped with KemGuard technology features including:
• 316L Low carbon and a minimum 2.3% Molybdenum content ensures even higher corrosion resistance
• Leak Path (Unpressed Fiiting ID)
• Push & Stay: Fittings up to DN50 are tight enough to complete the rough-in before securing placement by pressing
• Universal Profile: Designed to work with AS1432 copper tube and approved copper pressfit tools/systems, designed to deliver minimal deformation to the internal shape of the tube they are connecting to, reducing turbulence in the flow of the fluid. The connection provides a rigid coupling with excellent resistance to torsional forces
• O-rings: Standard Black (EPDM) O-ring [-30°C up to 120°C], Yellow (HNBR) O-ring [-20°C up to 200°C], and Red (FKM) O-ring [-20°C up to 100°C]• Bluetooth KemPress® Tool is the smartest, lightweight pressing tool on the market. Slim line design makes it easy to handle, with longest interval between servicing (40,000 presses - KPL), Bluetooth software enables the operator to generate test reports/docs and calibrate the device on site

A ‘Virtual Showroom’ is a Revit project file that contains all families and types laid out side by side. This project contains sample views such as Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, 3D perspectives and a preconfigured Schedule allowing Revit users to quickly assess the families’ performance in a project environment. The layout is designed to allow ‘shopping’ through the aisles and comparing products and their variants. These Revit assets can be Copied & Pasted into another Revit project as an alternative workflow to loading the separate families into your project. These files can also serve to speed up QA checking of the library and batch processing to match company standards.

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