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KemPress® Stainless Steel (316L) Press-Fit Connection System for Potable/Process/Utility Water (SWP up to 40 bar), Compressed Air, Solar, Fuel/Flammable Gas, and Industrial applications, are Watermark licensed, fully compliant to AS3688 and AS4020, and equipped with KemGuard technology features including:
• 316L Low carbon and a minimum 2.3% Molybdenum content ensures even higher corrosion resistance
• Leak Path (Unpressed Fiiting ID)
• Push & Stay: Fittings up to DN50 are tight enough to complete the rough-in before securing placement by pressing
• Universal Profile: Designed to work with AS1432 copper tube and approved copper pressfit tools/systems, designed to deliver minimal deformation to the internal shape of the tube they are connecting to, reducing turbulence in the flow of the fluid. The connection provides a rigid coupling with excellent resistance to torsional forces
• O-rings: Standard Black (EPDM) O-ring [-30°C up to 120°C], Yellow (HNBR) O-ring [-20°C up to 200°C], and Red (FKM) O-ring [-20°C up to 100°C]
• Bluetooth KemPress® Tool is the smartest, lightweight pressing tool on the market. Slim line design makes it easy to handle, with longest interval between servicing (40,000 presses - KPL), Bluetooth software enables the operator to generate test reports/docs and calibrate the device on site
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