Image of RepeatingDetail Lysaght Zenith Baroque
LYSAGHT_Zenith_Baroque.png Image of RepeatingDetail Lysaght Zenith Baroque
LYSAGHT - Zenith - Baroque.jpg Image of RepeatingDetail Lysaght Zenith Baroque

RepeatingDetail Lysaght Zenith Baroque

A heritage-inspired profile, LYSAGHT BAROQUE® features wide, flat pans defined by generous semi-circular ribs. At once delivering a strong linear visual which is gentled by the unusual, rounded rib-form, this profile offers a most unique visual character which sits easily with both traditional and contemporary architecture. LYSAGHT BAROQUE® is installed on a ply substrate with the profile being able to be used as either a roof or wall cladding. It can be made with both ribs and pan in the one piece or alternatively with only one rib. The profile comes in a maximum sheet length of 4000mm with the double rib profile fixed through the crest of the rib.Key Information:Application: Roofing and wallingBase Metal Thickness: 0.55/0.75mmEffective Cover Width: 275/475mmRib Height: 25mmMinimum Pitch: 5 degress (1:12)

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