Image of RepeatingDetail Fielders RoofingAndWalling HiRib680
 Image of RepeatingDetail Fielders RoofingAndWalling HiRib680

RepeatingDetail Fielders RoofingAndWalling HiRib680

Manufactured from High-Tensile steel, Fielders HiRib™ 680 boasts a bold, deep troughed profile. Able to be fixed down to a 1 degree pitch, achieving multiple spans of up to 3.4 meters, the uses for HiRib™ 680 are numerous. Domestic applications such as carport and veranda roofing to commercial and industrial roofing and walling projects, HiRib™ 680 has you covered. The strong profile of HiRib™ 680 roofing combined with a lighter gauge high-tensile steel provides optimum strength, allowing for larger spans at a minimum cost, plus making walking between ribs safer for maintenance purposes. HiRib™ 680 has fewer fasteners which means less installation time making this a very practical and highly affordable product and perfect budget solution.
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