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Image of Profile Gutter Fielders FasciaGutter
 Image of Profile Gutter Fielders FasciaGutter
Fielders_Fascia_Gutter.png Image of Profile Gutter Fielders FasciaGutter

Profile Gutter Fielders FasciaGutter

To complement Fielders unique steel roofing & building products, Fielders offer a comprehensive range of Fascia Gutters to suit their gutter profiles and sizes.

The Fielders Fascia Gutter is an easy to install, continuous length gutter with a clean profile to suit tiled or steel roofed homes. The high front profile conceals roof tiles and sheet ends (especially useful on roof decking profiles).

The optional slotted gutter prevents water overflowing back through eaves and into the structure during heavy rain or from blockages in your outlets.

The Fielders Fascia Gutter provides a range of benefits to both builders and homeowners:

• Easy to install

• Low maintenance

• Does not need painting (when manufactured using prepainted COLORBOND® steel)

• Available in the full COLORBOND® steel colour range and unpainted ZINCALUME® steel

• COLORBOND® steel is also backed by a BlueScope warranty (T&C's apply).

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