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PERMALITE® aluminium cladding products have been installed in Australia since the 1960s. The outstanding benefit of PERMALITE® aluminium cladding is its long-term durability in aggressive environments.Aluminium is a long lasting, durable, lightweight alternative to other cladding materials particularly in corrosive environments. Aluminium provides high thermal insulation and minimal maintenance to remain corrosion-free. It is easier to transport and erect because it is significantly lighter than many alternate cladding materials.The PERMALITE® architectural panel range are concealed fix systems for both roofing and walling, and are designed to provide stunning architectural appearances. This aesthetic appeal combines with 5251 H32 marine grade aluminium to provide outstanding watertightness and durability and stunning aesthetics. The PERMALITE® architectural panel range accommodates complex roof configurations accommodating smooth transitions between roof planes other building elements.The PERMALITE® range consists of:• PERMALITE LT7®• PERMALITE ALSPAN®• PERMALITE V-RIB®• PERMALITE WAVELINE®• PERMALITE ALSULATE-125®
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