AXON DF Window Jamb Trim

 Image of AXON DF Window Jamb Trim

Introduce drama and detail to your walls with the clean vertical lines of Axon™ Cladding. Incorporating the beauty and fine detail of painted vertical joint timber, but without time-consuming board construction or durability hassles, Axon is a range of vertically grooved panels with the detail of vertical joint timber. Featuring a stepped shiplap joint on the long edges for easy installation, it can be gun nailed and cut cleanly with a circular saw using a dust-reducing fibre cement blade. The ideal option for contemporary upper storey and ground floor extensions and suited to modern and beachy building styles, vertical lines make an impact with line and form and bring variety and textural interest to external walls. Panels are provided pre-sealed un-painted, a selection of colours have been provided for your convienience.
Detail Download 2D Details /Drafting Views accompany the 3D content and allow for detailed technical construction documentation.