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Although has only been live a short time, it’s quickly become the go-to BIM content resource for many of the industry’s most prominent and prolific Architects, Engineers and Building Design firms.
So, why should be your first port of call for BIM content? We understand designers use various processes and workflows for acquiring project design assets. Below are a few things we’ve accommodated to make the BIM content acquisition process as user-friendly as possible.

1. One-stop shop has been referred to as the ‘Supermarket’ of BIM content – a one-stop-shop for a wide range of (project design) needs. provides content for a fast-growing range of product categories and multiple brands within those categories. Whether it be Furniture, Toilet Partitions and Washroom Accessories for a commercial office, Tapware, Plumbing Fixtures and Wall Coatings for a residential project, Data Cabinets and Flooring for a data centre, Sanitaryware and Storage Fixtures and Lighting for Healthcare projects, or even Anti-Vandal and Security fixtures for Public Amenities and Correctional facilities, has you covered.

2. High-quality Content

All BIM content hosted on meets a specific ‘industry best practice’ quality standard (in Revit and Archicad respectively), with the majority of Revit content on the platform created by BIM content industry leaders, IGS Group (IGS BIM Solutions). The objective of implementing strict quality protocols and ensuring all content on is created with high technical proficiency is predicated on IGS Group team members who have previously worked as BIM Managers, Architects and Engineers, and our ongoing strategic alliances with many of the world’s most prominent and discerning AECO firms. We understand how important it is that BIM Managers have trust and certainty about what they are downloading when using the platform themselves, or recommending it to their broader design team as a primary resource for project design assets. Conversely, we acutely understand the detriment caused by poor quality BIM content when placed into project models.

3. Simplicity and Ease of use

It is extremely quick and easy to download BIM content on our platform. All you need is to register an account via the website and click the activation link you’ll be sent via email and you’re done. There’s no cost to sign up or subscriptions to renew. Yep, 100% free and no commitments whatsoever. Once you’ve logged in and found the content you need, you can either download immediately with one click or add it to your cart and bulk download once you’re done browsing – just like you would when you’re shopping with an online retailer, except this is all FREE and you don’t have to include any additional details when “checking out”. Whether it be searching for a specific brand, product type, content format, Revit asset type, parameter value, or even a particular Revit version, we want specifiers to be able to find and download what they need as quickly and easily as possible.

4. Preview actual 3D (Revit) geometry

Traditionally, when downloading BIM content from 3rd parties, it’s been a bit of a ‘surprise’ as to what the actual 3D geometry will look like. What’s shown on the screen prior to downloading is a photo of the product or a CAD model that isn’t representative of the 3D in the BIM object. Sometimes the actual 3D in the BIM object is good, sometimes not so good (over-modelled, not enough detail, no materials etc). With, ‘what you see is what you get’. The geometry shown in the 3D model viewer is the actual (native) Revit geometry. This means even before you download it, you can see what the model will look like in your project. Nice hey?

5. Visibility of content data

When downloading and browsing the content on, we provide clarity on relevant data such as the file download format and size, as well as information in the content such as the model number, description and a URL that directs to a link on the product manufacturer’s website where more data on the product can be downloaded for that specific product. Where a Revit family incorporates various ‘Types’, we display these on the page so you can see the variants in the family prior to downloading. Also on the page are quick links to contact the manufacturer with any queries and a link to the manufacturer’s product pages. is a game-changer! But don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself! Head over to our extensive library of content today to start downloading FREE, high-quality BIM content you can trust.

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