3monkeez partners with IGS Group

3monkeez, a trusted and industry-leading supplier of commercial stainless steel products for plumbing and catering applications, announces partnership with IGS Group to provide high-quality Revit content via the BIMcontent.com platform, streamlining and maximising access to thousands of Architects and Building Designers.

Responding to industry trends and customer demand, 3monkeez partnered with IGS to create a high-quality Revit (BIM) content library and to develop an effective specifier engagement strategy. The extensive 3monkeez Revit library is available via BIMcontent.com and the 3monkeez website.


As a market leader with close ties to industry-leading design practices, 3monkeez recognised the growing trend of Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows being used in project design and the increasing demand from their specifier clients (Architects, Hydraulic Engineers, Interior Designers, Catering / Hospitality Design Consultants) for high-quality, project-ready BIM content. 3monkeez also noted Revit as the most frequently used project design software used by its clients, the importance of Revit content being developed to best practices, and the specialised nature of Revit content creation.

3monkeez chose IGS as their BIM content partner having noted IGS’ previous work with other industry-leading product manufacturers, recommendations from several specifier clients and IGS’ reputation as the industry leader in Australia.

With the conception of BIMcontent.com by IGS, 3monkeez joined as a foundation partner to streamline access of its Revit library to the growing community of specifiers using the platform, and to utilise the website integration feature which ensures cross-platform consistency and optimal user experience when accessing Revit content from the 3monkeez website or BIMcontent.com.

About the 3monkeez Revit (BIM) Library

The 3monkeez Revit library facilitates efficient and effective creation of project documentation, design development, construction data and visualisation used in client engagement processes. The 3monkeez Revit library has been developed with the intention of providing building design professionals with the key tools they need to design their projects more intuitively and efficiently.

The 3monkeez Revit library details over 130 products across a wide range of Stainless Steel, Commercial Tapware and Drainage product categories, ideal for projects such as Public Amenities, Corrections, Education, Healthcare, Catering & Hospitality and Manufacturing.  A notable feature of the 3monkeez Revit library it it’s recent update to include an All-In-One Revit ‘Virtual Showroom’ – a Revit Project File. This project file provides designers with an efficient way to browse the Revit library in its entirety in the Revit project environment, and to view how the content documents and schedules consistently.

To ensure designers can access the library using workflows optimised for browsing and downloading BIM content, 3monkeez is utilising IGS Group’s BIM Content hosting platform and project design resource, BIMcontent.com. In implementing BIMcontent.com’s website integration feature, 3monkeez has ensured designers are able to experience the same optimised search, preview and download workflows on both the 3monkeez website and BIMcontent.com. This includes the ability to preview the 3D Revit geometry directly in the web browser, view parameter data, download specific versions of Revit content, and choose the type of Revit content download – Individual Revit Families, Revit version-based ‘Collections’, Revit Project File (AKA, ‘Virtual Showroom’) and even a one-click ‘Download All’ option – catering to various user preferences.

The 3monkeez Revit library has been developed in several stages over an extended period and is perhaps now the most extensive and well-thought-out Revit library of its kind in Australia. The fact 3monkeez have taken this continued, ongoing approach to developing the library shows a great commitment to investing in tools their clients will greatly appreciate. This is further demonstrated in 3monkeez utilisation of the BIMcontent.com platform which ensures the best possible user experience for building design professionals in browsing, accessing and using the 3monkeez Revit content, either from BIMcontent.com or the 3monkeez website.

Luke Johnston, Managing Director at IGS Group

Partnership Outcomes

3monkeez has observed a range of business benefits resulting from their BIM strategy to date, including their BIM content being used by specifiers in projects, improved specifier engagement processes and the development of substantial goodwill among specifiers who are appreciative of this investment from 3monkeez, providing them with critical project design and documentation assets.

By implementing the website integration feature of BIMcontent.com, 3monkeez have ensured architects and designers can search and download the most up to date Revit content using the same optimised workflows on the 3monkeez website. This includes the ability to view 3D models in the web browser, download specific versions of BIM content view parameter data, and choose from multiple Revit asset types.

With BIMcontent.com having such a fast-growing user base, it presents a great opportunity for 3monkeez to make their BIM content available via the platform and maximise industry adoption.

The 3monkeez Revit library and broader BIM strategy is a great example of a forward-thinking product manufacturer investing in digital assets and better access to product data to improve collaboration with key project stakeholders and achieve better outcomes for all involved.

About 3monkeez

Established in 1990, 3monkeez is a trusted and industry-leading supplier of commercial stainless-steel products for plumbing and catering applications. Backed by 30 years of experience, 3monkeez product ranges have been carefully engineered to withstand the rigours of even the most demanding commercial applications. Our commitment to constructing our products from complete stainless steel represents an important point of difference when you choose 3monkeez products. This market-forward approach has seen the introduction of our Guardian and Clean-A-Jet ranges that include complete stainless steel Pre-Rinse Units, Bubblers, Mixer Taps and many more. All our products are accompanied by the highest standard of technical support and resources and are compliant with industry standards. To find out more visit http://www.3monkeez.com.au

About BIMcontent.com

BIMcontent.com is a platform that allows building designers and product manufacturers to collaborate through the sharing of digital product data in the form of quality-controlled Revit and Archicad libraries. Developed by industry-leading BIM Content specialists IGS Group, BIMcontent.com optimises the process of designers accessing free, quality-assured BIM content for their projects, and provides a range of sales and marketing opportunities for manufacturers seeking to grow both their brand and specification-driven sales. To learn more about the platform or to start downloading, visit bimcontent.com