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It’s been quite the journey, but we’re glad to be here. Introducing,!

Created and managed by BIM content specialists IGS Group, is a platform that provides free access to high-quality manufacturer BIM content that has been developed consistently to best practices. The platform aims to facilitate better collaboration between project designers and product suppliers through the sharing of digital product data in the form of high-quality BIM Content – initially as native Revit and Archicad content – that is 100% free for designers to download and use in their projects.

Screenshot of Content library featuring a range of products from various manufacturers

The premise of manufacturer-based BIM content is that it should save designers time, improve project outputs and streamline project design workflows. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturer BIM content available on the Internet to date has done exactly the opposite. It’s often more of a liability than an asset as it hasn’t been created according to best practices or with the proper understanding of how it is used. In turn, the content is of no use to designers as they can’t use it in their projects, meaning it provides no value to the manufacturers that have invested time and/or money creating it.

As a provider of BIM content services since 2009, and with team members having previously worked in BIM / Design roles within Architecture and Engineering practices, IGS is acutely aware of the challenges for design firms acquiring and using manufacturer BIM content. Equally, we know the value of manufacturer BIM content when it’s built consistently and in a way that’s suitable for design firms to use in their projects.

“Our manufacturer clients were frequently asking us how we could make their BIM content accessible to our extensive network of specifier and BIM Manager contacts and for assistance with hosting their BIM content on their websites. At the same time, designers were asking us to create a resource where they could freely and efficiently access the BIM content we were creating, knowing it was developed to a consistent, high-quality standard. With the increasing frequency of both those requests, creating was a no-brainer and a win-win for both our key stakeholder groups.” Luke Johnston, Managing Director at IGS Group

In simple terms, the aim of is to provide project designers with what they have been asking for – a resource of manufacturer BIM content they can trust. A resource that is 100% free, always up to date with the latest products/BIM content, easy to use, offers a wide variety of product categories and brands, and where the content itself is built to best practices and highly predictable… in a good way.

For Product Manufacturers, represents a great opportunity to have BIM content for their products available on what is deemed a ‘premium destination’ and a ‘first port of call’ by 1,000’s of project designers around the world looking for content (products) to put in their projects. Designers are being asked to deliver more than ever before and they are working with ever-challenging deadlines. 

It’s not rocket science to understand that manufacturers who provide designers with the assets they need to help them do their job faster and more effectively are likely to be viewed favourably when designers populate their project BIM models and create their project documentation.

Since being launched, has seen a rapid rate of adoption and utilisation from many of the building industry’s most prominent architecture, engineering and construction firms. Key to this rate of adoption is the availability of many leading manufacturer product libraries and the strict quality control measures that ensure all content on the platform conforms to industry best practices. We look forward to further supporting and growing these hallmarks as the platform evolves.

Start downloading Free, Quality BIM Content! Browse our library of content here.

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